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News quiz

1 Disaster! Which deadline did exam board EdExcel miss?

a Printing this year's GCSE Timekeeping papers

b Marking exams for car clampers' charm courses

c Coursework marking for Premiership's new Footballers' Finances diploma

d Setting syllabus for NVQ in Organising Royal Weddings

2 "My private life has become an industry! I just want some peace?" Whose complaint was this?

a Oscar winner Hilary Swank

b Charlotte Church

c Prince Charles

d David Beckham

3 And what, according to Prince Charles, is wrong with his subjects?

a We just don't understand organic fox hunting

b No compassion for a suffering prince

c No one gets married in church anymore

d Too many scroungers living off the taxpayers

4 Britain's most expensive home (Surrey, 58 acres, yours for pound;70m) boasts what?

a Its own TV station

b Heated marble driveway

c A no-fly zone

d A herd of pygmy gazelle, bred for hunting

ANSWERS: 1b, 2c, 3b, 4b

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