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News quiz

1 Hail to our newly-chastened PM. But what did Listening Tony do first?

a Brought back David Blunkett

b Brought back Robin Cook

c Sacked Geoff Hoon

d Appointed Prince Harry as government's artist-in-residence

2 And what conciliatory gesture did the humbled leader make next?

a Appointed a former Liberal as education minister

b Appointed an ex-Tory as Northern Ireland minister

c Appointed a party donor as defence minister

d Snubbed the VE Day commemorations

3 What, allegedly, is he planning to do now?

a Appoint George Galloway to the Home Office

b Build a new set of nuclear power stations

c Renationalise the railways

d Invade Iran

4 But why is new education minister Andrew "Lord" Adonis so widely loathed?

a Unelected adviser, huge influence, ex-SDP to boot

b Architect of City Academies, specialist schools, tuition fees

c Big fan of private sector, sent his kids to private school

d What, isn't that enough?



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