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News Quiz

1 Gordon Brown offers to buy half your home. What's the problem?

a New housing boom will push up prices even more

b You'll have to buy the rest of it eventually

c It's a Barrett shoebox on the Thames estuary

d Would you want to share a house with Gordon Brown?

2 Sense of humour becomes scientific fact: how, exactly?

a Woody Allen donates brain to science

b Einstein papers reveal Relativity was a gag

c Israeli biologists identify irony centres in the brain

d Study reveals laugh count in The Producers defies physics.

3 People you've never heard of sit around talking rubbish. No one is watching. It must be:

a Cannes premiere of the new Godard movie

b Celebrity Love Island

c Conservative Party leadership election

d Ministerial meeting at the DfES

4 UK stitched up in international voting scandal! Where?

a G8 Summit

b United Nations

c European Union

d Eurovision Song Contest

Answers under the crossword

ANSWERS 1a, 2c, 3b, 4d

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