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News quiz

1 France a dit Non! Mais qu'est-ce qu'ont dit l'Angleterre et M Blair?

a Non? Mais oui!

b Merde!

c Ha ha!

d Merci! Maintenant nous pouvons dumper le referendum ici

2 But what happened next?

a President Chirac blames his Prime Minister

b President Chirac blames our Prime Minister

c President Chirac blames voters

d The world continues turning

3 And what are the implications for Britain?

a France closes borders, holiday homes off limits

b Wall-to-wall Jack Straw on TV urging calm

c The Big Brother household comes to blows over the future of the EU

d Hopes Blair will quit after victorious UK referendum in tatters

4 Remind me - why are academies a good idea?

a They raise standards

b They attract the brightest and best staff

c They bring new hope to the inner cities

d Except in Middlesbrough, obviously

1d, 2a, 3d, 4d

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