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News Quiz

1 Deep breath! Now, explain the Government's anti-smoking plans: a They'll encourage smokers to stop drinking. b They'll encourage drinkers to stop smoking. c They'll encourage smoking drinkers to stop eating. d They'll encourage bar sales of fresh fruit and veg

2 Which friend of Africa has Bob Geldof warned Live8 performers not to offend?

a Osama bin Laden. b George Bush. c Robert Mugabe. d Nelson Mandela

3 Meanwhile, who is threatening to sue St Bob to make their own poverty history?

a Redundant Big Breakfast crew. b Ex-Boomtown Rats bandmates. c Unpaid Live Aid charity workers. d Midge Ure

4 At last! CIA says it knows where Bin Laden is. Why won't they tell us?

a They're scared of him. b He won't let them. c Out of "respect" for other countries. d So he won't know that we know that they know.

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