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News quiz

1 Tony Blair wowed the TUC with which "quote" from Shakespeare?

a "I come to praise Warwick, not to bury it"

b "I come to praise Gordon, not to bury him"

c "Alas, poor unions, I knew them..."

d "Age cannot wither me, nor custom stale ..."

2 Which secret explosion prompted international concern?

a Nuclear test in North Korea

b Earthquake in N Korea

c Mountain demolition in N Korea

d Alan Milburn and Gordon Brown's first meeting

3 What did Prince Philip spend hours discussing with his "playmate" the Duchess of Abercorn?

a Friedrich Nietzche

b Carl Jung

c Uganda

d Fathers 4 Justice

4 What did the Tories claim to be this week?

a The environmental party

b The natural party of unions

c The party of animal rights activists

d The pro-European party

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