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News Quiz by Nic Barnard

1 Did you go to sleep with Charlie and wake up today with Michael Howard?

a Went to sleep with Charlie

b Woke up with Howard

c Woke up with Tony

d Woke up with a hangover

2 So, were you thinking what they were thinking?

a Yes

b No

c Hell, no

d Mmmm .. beer

3 And what was the real alternative?

a Apathy

b Antipathy

c Antipasti

d Charles Kennedy

4 God bless David Hart.

The NAHT boss says "it's like putting an alcoholic in charge of the bar". What is?

a Voting Liberal Democrat

b Electing Mick Brookes as new gen sec

c Parent power in schools

d Letting Michael Howard run hospitals

ANSWERS: 1D, 2c, 3D, 4C

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