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Next week at school 1-7 October 2011


Black History month

Learn about African-American history in the UK:

The Big Draw: from dinosaurs to Degas, tips on how to draw, with art history for older students. See the profile on TES Resources.


Matters of politics

Neil Kinnock became the new leader of the Labour party, with Roy Hattersley as deputy, on this day in 1983. See the useful starter from Jim Riley on British government and citizenship.


National Children's Book Week

Now in its 77th year, this year's theme is rhythm and rhyme. Resist the urge to get out the drum kit. See


World Space Week

Starts 4 October - see the resources overleaf to help you get started.

World Animal Week (until 10 October). Learn how to help wildlife cope with the cold with resources from Leafcutter Wildlife Park.


World Teachers' Day

Inaugurated by Unesco to commemorate the signing of a recommendation on the status of teachers on 5 October 1966. But you still have to go to school. www.5oct.org2011


National Poetry Day

An exciting guide to studying poems of other cultures shared by readingsez78

Dragonese Day: a chance to teach pupils about Vikings and learn Dragonese. Great material at shared by hodderchildrens


Jeans for Genes Day

The annual fundraising day for the UK charity which aims to raise awareness - and cash - for research to help children who suffer from genetic disorders. Encourage your students to get involved using resources they've shared on TES.

All links and resources can be found at

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