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Next week at school - 21-27 November 2011


The birth of a Guru

When Guru Nanak was a young man his puzzled parents thought he was simply rubbish with money. Today, however, he is worshipped by Sikhs as a guru. Celebrate his birthday with a slideshow from AsaAnne.


Road Safety Week

Crossing the road does not have to be hazardous. Seamlessly incorporate safety lessons for a range of age groups into all curriculum subjects with resources from the TES Resources Team.


Miss World Riots (2002)

The beauty contest was forced to move to London from Nigeria after riots by Muslim youths opposed to the show left more than 100 dead in Kaduna. Read about Islam and science in a resource from fm1981.


Evolution Day (1859)

Charles Darwin published his controversial book On the Origin of the Species, which has been fiercely debated since. Teach seven and eight-year-olds about Darwin with a resource from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Dead and Buried (1963)

John F Kennedy was laid to rest in a state funeral on 23 November after being shot dead in Dallas three days earlier. Follow the link to hear extracts from Richard Dimbleby's commentary. http:bbc.inuFBVTW


National Tree Week

The rate at which new trees are planted across Britain has fallen to its lowest level in over three decades. Find more than 1,000 resources from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives on TES Resources.


So long Baby Face (1934)

Bank robber Baby Face Nelson died in a shoot-out with the FBI on 27 November 1934. Learn more about Nelson and other American gangsters during Prohibition at the John Dillinger Museum website. www.dillingermuseum.comnelson.html

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