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Next week at school - 27 February - 4 March 2012


Labour roots (1900)

The Labour Party was founded on this day in 1900 and it surpassed the Liberal Party in the early 1920s. Minority governments were formed under Ramsay MacDonald in 1924 and 1929-31. See a quiz from Jim Riley on the politics of governing Britain.


Dord? doh! (1934)

The erroneous word "dord" was included in the American Webster's New International Dictionary in 1934, defined as "density". See a resource from BritishLibrary about dictionaries and meanings.


Come on, girls

It's a leap year, when women are "allowed" to propose to their partners. Traditionally, men who turned them down had to buy the spurned would-be spouse 12 pairs of gloves. Check out a resource from blue117.


Women's history month

This annual celebration of the contribution of women to events, history and contemporary society dates from 1911. Find a number of resources from WomensHistoryMonth on TES Resources.


Get scribbling

National Doodle Day is the perfect opportunity to get children drawing. And it can be fun to interpret the scratchings of others. See a resource from TES Web Staff on celebrity doodlers.


International dyscalculia day

A day to focus on dyscalculia, a learning difficulty related to dyslexia that causes people to have trouble understanding numbers. Help is at hand with a resource from TES Resource Team.


Go forth and span (1890)

On this day in 1890, the Forth Rail Bridge, at the time the UK's longest at 1,710ft, was opened by the Prince of Wales. Help your class to construct perfect pylons with a resource from Royal Academy of Engineering.

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