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Next week at school 30 January - 5 February 2012


National Storytelling Week

A wonderful excuse to terrify your pupils with horrible tales by Roald Dahl or the Brothers Grimm. Read the traditional story of the Wolf of Gubbio in a resource from dsoggiu.


Dosvedanya McDonald's (1990)

The Soviet Union's first McDonald's opened in Moscow. Queues almost rivalled those to see Lenin's body in Red Square. This resource from menana takes you through the film Goodbye Lenin! in German.


National Heart Month

The British Heart Foundation's fundraising and educational month. Convince children of the need to keep their hearts healthy with a cut-out-and-keep resource from kritur.


Groundhog DayWorld Wetlands Day

In Nova Scotia, Canada, crowds will gather in a wildlife park to see Shubenacadie Sam and discuss what his shadow means. It is also World Wetlands Day. Learn about biodiversity at http:bit.lyzPbFHT


Unicef Day for Change

This year's theme is "Sport for Development in Uganda", with the charity raising funds to help change lives. Get a free information pack from the TES Resources team.


Shipwreck - Captain to blame (1999)

The freighter New Carissa ran aground in Coos Bay, Oregon, resulting in a serious oil spill. Captain's error was blamed but no lives were lost. Use a resource from bee0304 to see what's in a shipwrecked sailor's pocket.


Bramley Apple Week

Do children still bring apples for their teachers? Why not encourage them to bring apple pie? Bramleys are grown only in Britain, which seems good enough reason to celebrate. Visit for a variety of recipes.

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