Nine-step assessment programme

The nine assessment points relate closely to the "stepping stones" used in the foundation stage curriculum. Here are some examples.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development area of experience, "dispositions and attitudes"

Point 1: Shows an interest in classroom activities through observation or participation

Point 5: Selects and uses activities and resources independently

Point 9: Sustains involvement and perseveres, particularly when trying to solve a problem or reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Communication, language and literacy, "linking sounds and letters"

Point 1: Joins in with rhyming and rhythmic activities

Point 5: Hears and says initial and final sounds in words

Point 9: Uses knowledge of letters, sounds and words when reading and writing independently.

Mathematical development, "shape, space and measures"

Point 1: Experiments with a range of objects and materials showing some mathematical awareness

Point 5: Uses everyday words to describe position

Point 9: Uses mathematical language to describe solid (3D) objects and flat (2D) shapes.

The draft advice and profile can be found on the QCA website at

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