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No elitism at Oxford;Letter

I FOUND your article "Teachers warn pupils off Oxbridge" (March 5) very disturbing. State school teachers who often discourage their pupils from applying to Oxbridge because they think they will not be able to cope with the social atmosphere are peddling myths and failing their pupils.

I am in my first year at Oxford, having come from a state comprehensive background and have found the social atmosphere to be just the same as at any other university. I was close to not applying to Oxford due to believing such attitudes.

I am now spending the Easter vacation touring state schools to give students a true insight, as are many other undergraduates. I just hope these efforts won't be in vain due to the attitudes of some teachers.

If anything, the interview procedure puts state-school pupils at an advantage as it allows tutors to spot potential rather than merely predicted performance at A-level. Everyone is given a fair chance.

Alexander Ganotis Corpus Christi College Oxford

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