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No harm Boharm

Supporters of closure-threatened Boharm primary in Moray have been quick off the mark, soliciting help from the Parliament's education committee. The problem is that Moray is now a Labour authority. The previous SNP administration also tried closing schools but was persuaded by public protest (sorry, by the strength of the arguments) to desist.

The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell led the charge against rural school closures in particular while Labour members warned against interference with the discreion of Labour authorities (or was it local authorities?)

Russell, who pays his council taxes in Argyll, bravely ventured that the council there should continue to bear the cost of its rural primaries come hell or the education chairman (we paraphrase).

Indeed he claimed the council was poised to close four, or perhaps as many as eight, primaries. Presumably he will then have a loud word or two with Argyll's education chairman, Campbell Cameron - who just happens to be, er, an SNP councillor.

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