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"Comics" can now mean anything from Spiderman to graphic re-workings of DHLawrence novels. Bedtime Stories is 10 striking accounts, in a variety of styles, of what it means to be young and homeless. A pack accompanies the book of stories. It suggests many different ways in which pupils over the age of 10 can consider other people's lives. They might think about what it means to trust strangers, how a neighbourhood looks if you have no place of your own, why "opportunity" is a two-sided concept, or how negative feelings can be made optimistic. Bedtime Stories is pound;4.50 for one pack and one comic to schools within Sandwell LEA and pound;18.50 for two comics and two packs for schools elsewhere. Sandwell schools contact Jubilee Arts on 0121 525 6861 or email Schools outside the area should call UK Youth Tel: 0207 242 4045.

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