No need to reopen old wounds

The Association of School and College Leaders does not wish to reopen the GCSE English issue ("Schools pick a new fight over grading", 27 September). There is nothing to be gained by doing this - and we are keen to move forward and plan for the future of GCSEs and other qualifications. We have confidence in exams watchdog Ofqual and the awarding bodies, and are working with them to develop the most appropriate qualifications possible within the framework set out by the government.

Our concern about the results data is that it is currently very difficult to compare results from one year to the next because of continual changes, with early entry, multiple entry and the significant increase in IGCSEs adding to the complexity. Our priority is to engage with Ofqual to develop the way in which the data sets are organised and published so that effective comparisons can be made.

Brian Lightman, General secretary, Association of School and College Leaders.

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