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No pound;40,00 for maths and science staff

Minimum pound;40,000 salaries for secondary maths and science advanced skills teachers have been rejected by the review body. The Government and its partners proposed the sum in response to two heavyweight reports calling for higher pay in the two shortage subjects.

It was hoped that early access to a substantial AST salary would attract new graduates, encourage people to switch to teaching mid-career and help retain staff.

But the review body feared that by raising the cost of ASTs it would discourage schools from appointing them. It noted that of 3,380 teachers who had won AST accreditation, 180 of them were secondary maths and science teachers still waiting for an actual AST post.

Instead it wants the Government to put the onus on schools to create AST posts and pay those in shortage subject more.

Doug French from the Mathematical Association said he did not think minimum AST salaries would relieve staff shortages. But the Government has indicated it will return to the issue in the next pay round.

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