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No problems at female end of gender balance

I was sickened by the patronising tone of Brian Matthews's article "Peacemaker in battle of the sexes" (TES, May 17).

According to Mr Matthews my colleagues, students and I have: * sexual insecurities; * lack of self development; * emerging hang-ups; * an inability to work with men; * an aversion to the company of the opposite sex at work; * an uninteresting working life; * an easier working life; * lower achievement; * an inability to get on well with men and women; * poor sexual relationships; and we do not treat each other as people!

If Mr Matthews did some real research, he would find that girls' schools are full of perfectly normal, balanced staff and students who enjoy life and their work and have good supportive relationships with members of the opposite sex, both at work and in their social lives.

Mr Matthews may be researching into communication but he needs to get his facts right before attempting to write authoritatively.


Headteacher King Edward VI Handsworth School Rose Hill Road Handsworth Birmingham

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