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No satisfaction

ARE we seriously expected to use the performance-related pay training model as a model for dissemination of information to staff? Eighty pages of bumpf in a single day's training!

After my training in Nottingham this week, I seriously considered giving up. Never before have I so very nearly handed in my notice.

I am a head of a school of 135, with no deputy. I teach 2.5 days a week, have a non-qualified teacher who is not meeting the standards and have been asked to complete my asset-management plan in the same week as I received my training. When will the madnes end?

What does the Department for Education and Employment really want of heads? Does it want educational standards raising or does it want ground down and demoralised individuals hanging on by the skin of their teeth?

How on earth can we be expected to enthuse staff when we feel so completely and utterly bogged down with irrelevant bureacracy?

I am NOT wonderwoman and nor do I want to be. I simply want this small rural school to be the best it can be.

How can I satisfy when I feel so devalued and dissatisfied?

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