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No solution

Excuse me Robin Squire, minister for education, but Andrew (or Jason, or Ben) has created havoc all day. What kind of solution is it to anyone's problem to put him in detention? You sit in a child-free office and decree that the solution to bad behaviour is to provide greater opportunity to behave well. Has it occurred to you that this is simply providing greater opportunity to behave badly? Oh, and I (the teacher) am to be the supervisor after a whole day (at least) of similar indiscipline.

Thank you, but no thank you. You want to detain children after school for inappropriate behaviour, you do it - and good luck to you. The child who is so badly behaved he or she is put in detention is also the child who won't go. Solve that from your office, if you can.

ANGELA TROTTER 75 Heyes Avenue Rainford St Helens, Merseyside

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