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Norfolk - Budding chefs go the half hog

Most school pupils are more used to dissecting rats or frogs in biology classes, but GCSE students at one Norfolk school have been learning how to slice up a pig.

Catering pupils at Fakenham High School looked on as local butcher Simon Wade took half a carcass from a free-range porker to show which knives to use and where the best cuts of meat are found.

Catering tutor Marcel Schoenmakers said: "We feel that showing the students how to cut a pig up is far more beneficial than spending three hours looking through books.

"In two weeks' time the practical exams begin and most of them will use meat in their menus: they need inspiration and they need to know about using the right tools."

Student James Wright, 16, said: "I want to go into the catering business when I leave school, so I just want to learn something about working with meat."

Butcher Mr Wade added: "It is great that the kids get to see how meat is produced, and not just in a tray or a plastic bag from a supermarket. Wherever these guys end up in their career, the key thing is for them to use local, well-fed and fresh meat."

The class has already seen demonstrations from a professional cheese-maker, baker and chocolatier. ib.

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