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Norman conquest

It's good to see there is life outside the EIS (the Educational Institute of Scotland, that is, not Eaglesham Industrial Services as per our introductory item).

Norman Bissell, the union's one-time enfant terrible (well, one of many) who has taken the omerta pledge after his translation from activist to official, has made a public reappearance.

Bissell is not on a union soapbox this time but a contributor to a book of essays on the writer Kenneth White, just published under the title Grounding a World (pound;9.95 from all good book stores - that's enough free advertising).

In a learned and thoughtful piece about White's role as an educator, Bissell is clearly paying tribute to a kindred spirit (who was actually one of his tutors at university). "It was as a student that Kenneth White began to think about the university and about education, calling in question a great deal of what was going on," he writes.

As many an EIS leader has known only too well, Bissell has been calling things into question for many years.

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