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Northern Ireland - IT for toddlers play scheme boosts SEN

A play scheme for special needs toddlers in Northern Ireland has received funding for two more years from the Roald Dahl Foundation.

The Play at IT project, run by national computing and disability charity AbilityNet, develops IT programs to enhance play options for children with physical, vision and learning difficulties.

While play is vital to social and educational development, many young children with special needs do not get this opportunity, said Dianne Cockburn, head of projects at AbilityNet.

"Children learn the basics of writing by scribbling with crayons from a very early age, but children with disabilities, many of whom will depend on a computer for recording information and producing written work later on, rarely have equivalent access to computers at this crucially formative age," she said.

Play at IT is now looking for 50 additional nurseries to help with a comprehensive package of support, equipment and training for nursery and early-years professionals. MR.

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