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Northumberland - Entire school is shipped to Mali

A class of pupils in the North East donated their entire school to charity last week. Desks, chairs, books and even musical instruments were shipped off to a school in Mali, Africa, by Bebside Middle School in Blyth, Northumberland.

The school is due to merge with a nearby high school in September as part of the council's scheme to phase out middle schools.

Children from Bebside were put in contact with a school in Mali that was set up in a community centre by London-based charity African Workshop.

The pupils were so distressed with the conditions at the school they decided to give everything they no longer required - which was everything in the school.

Ben Holt, founder of the African Workshop, said: "It will fully equip our community centre - where we run a pre-school, plus art and music classes - and it will allow us to help the local schools where we send promising children to get an education." RV.

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