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Not all wind from Woodhead

I am a great believer in serendipity. Perusing The TES on October 10, I turned from the front-page article, featuring the former chief inspector's criticism of his own management style and his condemnation of the NCSL, straight to the appointments section where at the head of the page was an advert for the post of "head of Woodwind".

Knowing that the individual concerned is probably short of work is this the ideal job for him ?

I'm not sure, especially since I share his dislike of the linguistic "twaddle" emanating from the leadership college. Much of what the college produces is written in a pseudo-language which obfuscates, rather than clarifies, the nature of leadership and management.

If the college was to communicate more clearly and more plainly its messages about leadership, it would be easier to judge whether it merits the large sums of money invested in it or whether it deserves the strictures of its critics.

On his own admission, Woodhead's management style was poor, but even a poor manager can sometimes get it right. He has on this occasion.

Professor Colin Richards 1 Bobbin Mill Spark Bridge, Cumbria

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