Not even worth a penny a day?

After six years, the prospect of paying pound;3 a year to belong to the General Teaching Council shouldn't be contentious: it's the equivalent of a couple of school lunches. That the GTC must sell this "sensitive" issue "carefully" suggests it is still struggling to win over its members.

A teaching council is a great idea: but this one had no grassroots support, teachers refused to pay fees until they were given the money, and electoral turnout is dire. Things could only be worse if the GTC was judging the fitness of sex offenders to teach (as it wanted) and tabloids were baying for its blood as well.

The GTC promised "bold" demands on government. It has worked hard to encourage good practice but evidence for boldness is hard to find. If members don't think the GTC is worth a penny a day from their own pocket, it needs its own professional development - fast.

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