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A note about no-notice inspections

I would like to reassure readers about concerns raised in your article "Hello, it's Ofsted. We were just wondering, is now a good time?" (2 March).

We are aware of the operational challenges of bringing in no-notice inspections in the FE and learning and skills sector. This is why we are piloting no-notice inspections to understand how inspectors will be best able to observe learners being taught and assessed across what may often be a number of sites and teaching contexts. One of the first tasks of a lead inspector on arrival at a pilot inspection will naturally be to assess the availability of the various groups of learners themselves. This obviously could not be done in advance if it were to be truly no-notice.

We want to gather views from as many students, staff and principals as we can, and will publish our findings and response once the consultation and pilots are complete.

Matthew Coffey, National director of learning and skills for Ofsted.

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