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Nothing left to imagination

THE low results in key stage 2 writing were a great disappointment at a school in Norwich which has just invested pound;80,000 in a new library.

But John Shenton, head of Reepham primary school, feels an unimaginative writing test put pupils at a disadvantage.

He said: "The longer writing tasks seemed dated and old-fashioned. The children were unable to write on limited and mundane subjects - we had prepared them for more sophisticated and challenging tasks."

While 90 per cent of students obtained level 4 and above in reading, only 49 per cent achieved the same in writing. Only 35 per cent of boys managed level 4 in writing.

Mr Shenton said: "We are doing as much as we can in terms of literacy, but the literacy strategy puts a lot of emphasis on reading and it is difficult finding opportunities for writing longer pieces.

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