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The Association for Language Learning is running a German day, June 28, at Goethe Institut London; a Spanish day, West Yorkshire, June 26; and an Italian weekend at Oxford, July 4-5. Fees: any courses pound;70 (members pound;50); weekend pound;133 (pound;108); non-residential pound;75 (pound;50).

Tel: 01788 546443 Email:

The Centre for Information on Language Teaching (CILT) is running a course on ICT and language in the primary curriculum at Loughborough, June 16.

Tel: 020 7379 5101 Email:

CILT courses abroad include:

* Teaching Spanish in the secondary school, Pamplona, May 25-June 7. Fee: pound;1,600. Up to pound;1,500 can be paid through Comenius 2.2 funding.

* Teaching French to young learners, Besancon, France, July20-August 2. Fee: pound;1650. Grants available.

* French for the primary school, St Omer, France, July 26-August 1. Fee: pound;600. Grants available.

* Refresher course for teachers of Italian, Florence, Italy, October 19-November 1. Fee: pound;1650.

Tel: 020 7379 5101 Email:

Don Quijote UK, which specialises in in-country language courses in Spain and South and Latin America, has opened a new school in Mexico. Existing courses include: intensive language learning from a few days to 11 weeks in Cuzco (Peru), Tenerife or the Spanish cities of Seville, Barcelona, Granada, Salmanca, Valencia and Madrid. Pupils can stay in an apartment or with a Spanish family. Prices start at pound;220 for one week in Barcelona. There is also a volunteer programme in Peru, which allows students to immerse themselves in study and volunteer work. Students can also study Spanish online at www.donquijote.comonline Tel: 020 8786 8081 Email:

The Lighthouse Professional Development 2003 programme includes: planning modern foreign language teaching for secondary pupils with special educational needs, Bristol, June 24, Leeds, June 26; ideas for Spanish GCSE teachers, London, June 25. Fee: pound;149 plus VAT.

Tel: 0800 587 8880

German Steps, an online BBC course set in Berlin, is for beginners and those wishing to brush up rusty skills.

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