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The RE Today arm of the Christian Education Movement will run a conference next year "Excellence and enjoyment: a strategy for RE in the primary school" in the North-east, July 8; South-east, September 28; Bradford area, October 2; and Worcester area, October 19. Other courses will include "RE and thinking skills" in Manchester, February 12, and Harlow, June 8 and "Moving on up: transition and excellence in KS2 and 3 RE" in London, February 25; Bristol, March 12; York, March 29; and Leicester, April 29.

Fee from pound;140; pound;115 subscribers.

RE Today Services, 1020 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LB

Tel: 0121 472 4242

Email: Two day schools focusing on important periods in the history of interaction between Islam and Christianity will be held next year at the Al-Mahdi Institute, 532 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12 on February 7 and May 22, 10am-4pm. "Light from the past: Baghdad and Andalusia" and "Meeting in a new light: Europe, Britain and Birmingham" have been organised by Birmingham University's centre for lifelong learning and theology at the invitation of the Al-Mahdi Institute. Fee: pound;15 per course (includes halal lunch). Book in advance.

Tel: 0121 414 3413


Children can dress up in Muslim clothes from around the world, explore interactive computer programmes, learn about the five pillars of Islam and make sibhas (prayer beads) at the new permanent Islamic Experience Schools Exhibition in the Rex Conference Centre, Birmingham. The exhibition presents the faith, history and practice of Islam, Islamic family life and Islamic attitudes to science and the environment. Visitors are guided by trained Muslim stewards. Free admission. Workshops available on request include Islamic art, in-service for RE teachers and school projects related to exhibition themes.

Tel: 0121 773 0137



The Churches Conservation Trust with English Heritage Education has produced 40 teachers' booklets containing information about churches in the CCT's care and suggestions for school visits. No longer needed for regular worship, the buildings are of historic, architectural or archaeological interest.

Contact the Churches Conservation Trust, 1 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9EE

On the back of Christian Aid's "Community of hope" poster, Live Differently offers assembly ideas for ages seven to 11 and 11 to 14. Primary pupils are encouraged to think about the importance of belonging to a community while the secondary assembly considers HIVAids and the orphans left behind.

Tel: 08700 787788



This year the Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education is publishing a pictorial calendar (pound;6.50) to complement the Shap Calendar of Religious Festivals wall chart (pound;5.20). Each month has an annotated photograph of a festival held at that time.Shap Working Party, PO Box 38580, London SW1P 3XF

Tel: 020 7898 1494

For all you need to know about assemblies, see "The Issue" in this week's TES Friday magazine

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