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Barbara Ball, professional officer of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics is leading a course on teaching key stage 2 maths using ICT at the Bower, Oldham, Lancashire, on June 10. She will demonstrate how to use appropriate software with an interactive whiteboard.

Fee pound;170, pound;140 members (plus VAT).

Tel: 01332 346599


During the Second World War, "Station X" (Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes) was home to the mathematical brains who cracked the Nazis' secret codes.

Now, teachers and students can combine a visit to its historic buildings and exhibitions with an NRICH maths, ICT and computing course. The summer programme includes: "Using games to promote mathematical thinking at KS34", June 11, fee pound;120, and "Excel @ mathematics for all", June 22 (KS2) and June 23 (KS34), fee pound;80. On June 29, a sixth-form conference on the future of computers will explore cyborgs, artificial intelligence, games technology and security and identity. Speakers include Professor Kevin Warwick from Reading University. Fee pound;10 including lunch (one teacher free with every 10 students).

Tel: 01908 377519


Stands for Education is running a course on raising achievement in KS3-4 algebra in London, June 7 or June 25; Manchester, June 15; Bristol, June 21. Also available is a course on developing maths across the curriculum in London, June 16 or July 9; Leeds, June 28; and Birmingham, July 8. Fee per course pound;225 plus VAT.

Tel: 0117 311 5233


"Big money mathematics" and "A spoonful of maths helps the medicine go down" are the titles of this year's popular lectures organised by the London Mathematical Society at the Institute of Education, 20Bedford Way, London WC1, June 11, 7-9.30pm. During the first, Professor Ken Binmore will discuss what happens when the maths of game theory is applied to economics. At the second, Professor Helen Byrne will explore the role maths should play in medicine. Apply for free tickets by June 7 enclosing SAE to Miss L Taylor, London Mathematical Society, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London WC1B 4HS



The University of Cambridge has relaunched its popular NRICH website, with games, challenges and investigations for ages five to 19. The site helps pupils develop mathematical reasoning, confidence and understanding and includes email discussion boards, where anyone can post questions about maths which are answered by a team of volunteer Cambridge maths undergraduates. The updated site has "tagged" resources according to content and challenge level, making the resource bank easier to search.

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