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Now go bananas

Don Short, agony uncle, answers your questions

I simply can't maintain the same level of energy through the week. This hits my teaching and patience levels. One colleague compares his week to a footballer being asked to play a 60-hour cup game with an indifferent audience, dreary stadium and cruel manager. I need a real boost.

Pundits say Alex Ferguson's best buy was a Danish goal-stopper. To which I say, bananas. It's a fact that Becks and the boys swear by them. They're high in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and B6. Lack of the latter causes irritability, weakness and insomnia.They also have plenty of carbohydrates to give you strength, not to mention improving your mood as a result of the serotonin within. They also cut the risk of heart disease. Let me know!

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