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Now is the summer of hour discontent

Janice Grant, 48, is a lecturer in computer programming, software design and accountancy.

She actually teaches at Cornwall college's St Austell campus for 28.5 hours a week, compared with a full-timer's 23.5 hours.

Originally, she trained as an accountant but then discovered a flair for computer programming and software design. She says: "When you work in this way, you have to put money away to ensure that you can live through the summer and pay the mortgage

"Come June, you are never sure whether you are needed in September. I feel very second class in comparison with the full-timers. You are made to jump through hoops for your money.

"At the end of the month I have to fill in a complicated claim form, the line manager has to counter-sign it and they pay me a month afterwards. You also have to copy your registers and give those in with your pay claim."

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