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Nowhere to go

Your front-page report (TESS, November 1) headed "Pensions crackdown feared" made my heart sink. I am 48, an unpromoted teacher of maths. The Main report, 10 years old last September, stated: "From time to time all individuals need the encouragement that comes from a public recognition of their achievement. " This is from the chapter on the senior teacher in which the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities claimed that the majority of teachers at the top of the scale would progress to the senior teacher scale.

I have seen student teachers come and go, and then go on to senior teacher, assistant principal teacher and principal teacher posts. A large group of now ageing teachers like myself have virtually given up all hope of achieving a promotion. Now that early retirement is also being threatened the effect on morale is significant..

ANDREW NELSON 5 Scarletmuir Lanark

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