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NQT buzz from the TES forums

Discussions on the NQT forums have ranged from talkative classes and working in an academy to news of an important NQT milestone and reasons to be cheerful ...

- An NQT is hoping to avoid a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and asked for advice ahead of applying for an academy post ( Eruditus provides a balanced list of the pros and cons of working in an academy. There are opposing viewpoints from 1033, who is doing their NQT year in an academy and is "loving it", and pinkflipflop, whose friends' experiences weren't quite so positive.

- There is advice posted for teachers whose classes won't stop chatting ( Eskimoclo's alternative approach suggests letting the class chat in small groups: "With my Year 2s I ask them a question then give them a minute to discuss the answers in twos or threes, then I do a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown and expect them to be quiet". Eva_Smith says: "Turn your strategy on its head. Instead of punishing the ones who are chatting (which wastes your time and stresses you out), why not instead reward the ones who are doing the right thing?"

- It is celebration time in the land of NQTs as the halfway point of the academic year has passed ( and the home stretch is now in sight. To help count the days, revelsum bought a wall calendar while summer holiday thoughts are keeping the determined fuzzycat going.

- Littlemissraw shares a couple of happy thoughts ( and highlights "the lessons where the kids say thanks! It's a rare one but when they say 'thanks for today, Miss' it manages to put a smile on my face for at least two days, if not the whole week". Her other reason to be cheerful is her partner and the "stupid dance he does when I'm grumpy and listening to me rant after a rubbish day".

The NQT forum has teacher trainer James Williams on hand to advise on everything related to your induction year. Go to

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