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NQTs get five years to qualify

Newly-qualified teachers in Wales will be able to take up to five years to find a permanent job, following the introduction of new induction regulations.

The new regulations, which were approved by the Assembly government this week, will come into effect from September.

From next term, NQTs will be able to work as short-term supply teachers for five years after gaining qualified teacher status, in order to give them sufficient time to find a permanent position in which to undertake their induction period. Local authorities will also be given the discretion to rule that two consecutive half-terms count as a full term for induction.

Heledd Hayes, education officer for the National Union of Teachers Cymru, said: "This puts a little less pressure on people who qualify but can't get a job. It's good for the morale.

"But I would like to see the Assembly go further and guarantee an induction post for all teachers. A lot of money is spent training these teachers, and we don't want to lose their expertise."

Induction became a statutory requirement for all new teachers in Wales in September 2003.

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