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NQTs give two cheers for Teachers' TV

New specialist channel gets a (mostly) positive response

Who said teachers are a cynical lot? You would have thought that Teachers'

TV, launched last month, would have had most schools staff reaching for their remote controls. After all, who wants to take work home when you don't have to.

But apparently not. Many of you love it, and have found programmes interesting and useful. Comments from newly qualified teachers on the Staffroom forum on The TES website described programmes as "useful", "a great incentive", "genuinely interesting" and "reassuring".

Meanwhile, another said: "I think it is great. Have watched online primary NQT and some of the behaviour management stuff. It is fantastic you can watch them online as well."

One teacher, a secondary NQT, commented: "It's nice to see what others are doing - kind of makes you feel as though you're working along the right lines. It's good to see that others sometimes find it tough too."

However, some complained that the programmes seem to be shown on a loop, with far too many repeats. Others see it as training on the cheap - and in teachers' own time.

One such contributor said: "Maybe it's useful for students and NQTs, but personally I have no intention of looking at any of it unless it is during directed time in a staff meeting.

"The last thing I want to do is sit in my living room watching yet more stuff about school. I take enough work home as it is never mind doing more Inset for free."

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