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Educational apps

The advancement of mobile technology has led to the observation that children are now learning to swipe screens before they can tie their shoelaces.

A recent report from the International Data Corporation found that the number of tablet computers in US schools doubled in 2011-12. And in the UK, the British Educational Suppliers Association is predicting a similar rise.

The growth in tablets and smartphones has also created a market for educational apps, used by parents and teachers. A report on the educational content of Apple's App Store by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center in New York City, which promotes digital education, found that apps for children aged 5-11 featured heavily among the best-sellers.

The report also recommended that standards should be created for products marketed as educational; consumers should be prepared to pay a price that allows developers to build high-quality apps for children; and academics should explore how to design effective products.

26% of computers in UK secondary schools will be tablets by 2015.

21% of computers in UK primary schools will be tablets by 2015.

What are apps designed to teach?

Early learning - 47%

Mathematics - 13%

Other - 9%

Astronomy - 7%

Foreign language - 6%

Literacy - 5%

Study aid - 5%

Artcreativity - 4%

Geography - 3%

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