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Numbers game is a winner

Teaching number facts has never been easy, writes John Dabell. Teachers try very hard to make maths meaningful, accessible and fun, and so are always seeking ideas that make learning dynamic and exciting. They will therefore welcome Crazy Tables withopen arms.

Crazy Tables is a numeracy board game that helps children of all ages to learn key maths techniques in a quick, recreational and energetic manner.

This novel game incorporates indispensable number-bond practice for early-years players and rapidly teaches essential tables for older children.

Classroom trials suggest that Crazy Tables will make a positive impact when it is officially launched, as it has far-reaching potential across all year groups and will be particularly productive during focused group work or for independent learning time. Crazy Tables is a challenging and innovative way of learning number facts that most children will find easy to use and will become eagerly immersed in.

The resource comes with a fine pedigree - the maker, Keywise, is responsible for the multiple award-winning Keyboard Crazy - and will be an extremely valuable addition to any classroom. Like Keyboard Crazy, Crazy Tables could become a basic must-havein schools.

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