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NUT hopefuls splash out on campaigning

CANDIDATES vying for the leadership of the biggest teaching union are likely to spend tens of thousands of pounds on their campaigns in the coming year. By the end of June 2004, when votes are counted for the post currently worth pound;90,000, costs for all three candidates are likely to reach five figures, writes William Stewart.

Steve Sinnott, deputy general secretary, has taken out a personal loan of pound;7,000 but says his campaign will cost even more and is looking for contributions from local NUT associations.

John Illingworth, a former NUT president and Nottingham head, said his campaign costs would depend on donations but said he wanted to spend "at least pound;12,000". John Bangs, NUT head of education, said as the only candidate without backing of one of the union's three main political factions he expected to fund most of the campaign from his own pocket. He thought costs would be "considerable" and has already spent just under pound;1,000 on his website.;,

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