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NVQ ambition

I refer to the article "An NVQ that led right back to the dole" by Gerry Smith (TES March 17) in which he expresses outrage at the worthlessness of his business administration national vocational qualification.

The development of NVQs SVQs for all jobs in administration is an ambitious project. It should not be surprising therefore when we do not get it all right first time round. Mr Smith appears to have been especially unfortunate, but his experiences should not be assumed to be typical of the 250,000 successful candidates awarded administration NVQs or SVQs to date.

The lead body is largely made up of employers who make great use of standards and NVQsSVQs in their recruitment and training programmes, and this body improves these standards continually. Advances in technology and the changing nature of administration are reflected in new administration standards, levels 1 to 4. We will also, be working with the accrediting and awarding bodies in improving NVQsSVQs.



Setting the Standard

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