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Objective priorities

Are all the objectives swimming in front of your eyes when you plan your key stage 3 lessons?

As a diligent English teacher it's easy to panic about having enough time to cover all of them in the year. It was such a relief to me to realise that the optional tests focus on and assess the bold objectives, which are the most important ones for each year group and which need the most detailed coverage. Now I plan my lessons by prioritising the bold ones, teaching them carefully across the year, and I tie in the others as and when seems most appropriate.

With the Year 8 Objective Bank now in school (and other year banks on the way) this is made an even more manageable task. The banks contain numerous suggestions for how to teach the bold objectives. I still try to cover all of them, but prioritising the bold ones is a better approach.

Rachel Kitley, literacy co-ordinator, Greenford High School, London borough of Ealing

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