Objects in action

(Photograph) - These children have brought brightly coloured objects to class. They are going to start a "colour corner" using these objects.

Now, the children are passing some of the objects around and discussing them one by one. They will describe the shape of each object and discuss them individually. They will name the colours they can see. They should be able to use words which describe the differences between shades and hues. They will use such words as "bright", "dull", "muddy", "dark".

Next the teacher might choose an object of a single strong colour. She and the children will try to match this colour on white paper with whatever crayons and pencils are available. They will look carefully at each attempt, and discuss the match, again using words which describe the colours.

You could look at this picture with your children and try to answer the following - How many red things can you see?

Are all the reds the same?

Can you describe the differences between the reds?

Can you do the same for other colours, yellow for example, or blue?

How many different colours can you see outside, through the window?

What colour is the furniture? Can you decribe the colours in your own words?

Who is wearing green? What sort of green is it? Is it like grass? Is it like leaves? If not, what is it like?

What colour is the carpet? Is it all the same shade? Can you describe the different shades?

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