Oddly enough - Antlered intruder bucks up kids' day

Tes Editorial

Children up and down the land must be hoping that what befell a Michigan class the other week also happens to them.

Pupils at Coopersville East Elementary were getting down to their lesson when a confused deer crashed through a window and into their classroom.

Desks, chairs and books - not to mention shards of glass - were sent flying by the stricken animal.

Leslie Venlet told her 23-strong class to drop to the floor to avoid the bucking buck. Eventually, she was able to lead them to the safety of a nearby hallway and the deer finally jumped back through the window and ran off.

Ms Venlet said the brush with the stag, which lost some of its antlers as a result of his intrusion, was something she would remember for a long time.

"This is my first year," she said. "And I'll never forget this year for as long as I live."

So why would all right-minded pupils in the UK be hoping the same thing happens to them? Because Ms Venlet decided not to give her charges any homework in honour of the big buck's visit.

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Tes Editorial

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