Oddly enough - Caught out in pole position

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A teacher in Hungary is in trouble with parents and other teachers after stripping off for a pole dance at a party for her 15-year-old pupils.

The teacher was supposed to be supervising the teenagers at the start-of-term bash when she joined in a game of truth or dare. When pupils suggested she perform a pole dance, she agreed, not noticing that one boy was filming it on his phone.

The video of the dance, now on the internet, shows the teacher peeling off her top to reveal a bra. She then starts to undo the zip of her trousers before another teacher covers her in a coat, bringing to an end her impromptu strip show.

"It is disgusting. What kind of teacher acts that way in front of her pupils? She should be in a lap-dancing bar, not a school," said one angry parent. "She's a pretty woman in her 20s and the children couldn't believe their luck."

But Sandor Rozman, headteacher of the school in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary, has refused to sack the teacher, saying she had shown no more flesh "than you would see on a beach".

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Tes Editorial

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