Oddly enough - Civics fires up reinstatement campaign

Citizenship teachers take note: train your pupils well and they may come to your rescue if your job is in jeopardy.

Students at Tioga High School in California used their knowledge of civics to campaign for the reinstatement of Ryan Dutton, a popular maths teacher and former professional American football player.

Mr Dutton was sacked after it was alleged that he had cheated on a university teacher-training assignment - although the university said the charge was baseless.

All 120 of the school's pupils boycotted lessons the following day.

Their campaign group, Students for a Better School District, has gathered more than enough signatures to trigger re-election of the school board responsible for Mr Dutton's sacking.

If its application is successful, a vote will take place in May.

Tim King, the school's civics teacher, has been assisting pupils with their campaign while sporting a badge reading: "Am I Fired Yet?"

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