Oddly Enough - First-born of the forums

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Delightful news for fans of The TES online staffroom forum - there is to be another TES baby.

The child - who posters hope will be called Tessa or Terrence - is due in April. Its parents are teachers hazeymazey and fusey007, who met on the forum in 2005.

But this will not be the first TES baby. That honour appears to go to Reuben, a boy born on May 22 last year to Showgirl and Mikec15. Showgirl told The TES last year that if it had not been for the website, they would never have met.

"Neither of us needed to put on a front," she said. "We were brutally honest, which I don't think you can be when you meet someone in a more conventional way."

If you are part of a TES couple and have had a baby, please email newsdesk@tes.co.uk.

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Tes Editorial

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