Oddly enough - Happy days in Leicester's playgrounds

Tes Editorial

First British schools got excited about US-style yellow buses. Now US-style diners are appearing in playgrounds in Leicester.

Three secondaries there have installed the stainless steel diners in their grounds to offer pupils an alternative to the canteen or the temptation of the local chippy.

The mobile diners at Hind Leys, Groby and King Edward VII community colleges offer healthy options such as baguettes, sandwiches and salads.

Ivan Ould, of Leicestershire council, told the BBC the diners had been introduced as "a large number of children won't eat in the school canteen and would rather spend their money on chips or burgers".

Of course, burgers and chips are what pupils would expect from an American diner, so we hope they won't be disappointed.

No news yet on whether the diners will have jukeboxes, or where the idea came from. Could it be another policy influenced by Henry "The Fonz" Winkler's recent visit to UK schools?

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Tes Editorial

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