Oddly enough - He's nudely qualified

Newly qualified teachers may be familiar with Louisa Leaman's book The Naked Teacher, a guide to surviving your first five years in the job. But news from Japan suggests one enthusiastic reader may have taken the title too literally.

According to the Japanese daily newspaper The Mainichi, a high school maths teacher was arrested after he stripped off all his clothes while jogging through a park in Chiba, near Tokyo.

The 52-year-old man, who works at a private academy with a nationally renowned baseball programme, told police: "I was jogging and I took off my clothes because it felt good."

With the temperatures around Tokyo hitting 40 degrees recently, it is easy to sympathise.

The police say it is unlikely any charges will be brought against the streaking teacher, as he performed his free spirited run au naturel late at night when most of his wards would have been tucked up in bed.

The school, meanwhile, will be administering a strict reprimand, perhaps to remind its teachers that naked maths professionals might put some witnesses off their sushi.

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