Oddly Enough - Out of the mouths of innocents

One of the most perennially popular strings in the TES Connect chatroom features the funniest things pupils have said to teachers. There are some real corkers.

Take this one, from a pupil studying biology: "I think gender is an inherited characteristic. Oh, but it could be environmental because sometimes people have an operation to change into a woman ... I think it's called a blow job".

Here is another excellent contribution: "We were discussing the nativity with a Year 1 class and we talked about the kings bringing baby Jesus gold as a gift.

"One little love voiced his concern that Jesus was a 'chav'. When asked why he thought this, he replied: 'My mum said it's only chavs kids that wear gold, so he must be a real chav if he gets it when he has just been born.'"

And one more contribution for luck: "On a recent visit to the local cathedral, we were being shown around by a charming old gent. One of the kids sidled up to me and whispered, 'Miss, so is he the Pope then?'"

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